Steve Howells(non-registered)
Love your photos!
I hope someday you can do some of your awesome photos for Rock Sober. That is if I ever get it Rockin'....
Chris Grosso(non-registered)
Amanda’s work is inspiring and palpable. Any words beyond this would fail miserably to convey my appreciation.
Maggie Whitehead-Miller
I know Amanda as a friend and as a professional artist. She is one of the most kind and talented people to ever walk this planet. This shows in her work. She captures life and people at their truest. Her images are not just beautiful photographs, but you can see the stories and individuals behind them. I consider myself lucky to know her, and my offspring lucky to have the photos of our family she gave us to treasure.
There are so many beautiful photos that you have no idea she took. She is professional and discreet! Just try not to love Amanda and her work I dare you!
Nicole & Nathan Crane(non-registered)
Based on the pictures we saw that Amanda took before we booked her, we definitely expected good wedding pictures... We never expected the incredible works of art that we received! She not only captured the moment, she captured every single emotion. I've been to way too many weddings where the photographer is always prompting guests for "big happy smiles." She naturally blended in with the guests and took awesome candid photos (some of my favorites that we received). I'm so thankful and pleased that Amanda was able to be our photographer for our wedding!
Mark and Nicole Chmura(non-registered)
We just finally got to look at all the pictures. They are beyond words fantastic! You captured the day perfectly! As I said before, you have such a gift for photography. I will absolutely recommend you to anyone in need. Thank you so much for being such and important part of our special day.
Michelle Rossini Zielinski(non-registered)
I love Amanda's work. She captures the true beauty of her focus. She has done events with the rescue dogs and programs and all tell a story words would have a hard time describing. Her work truly speaks for itself.
Jessica Melovitz(non-registered)
Amanda will capture your memories in an unforgettably beautiful way.... She is an amazing photographer and so easy to work with. Amanda will listen to what you are looking to capture and bring back all you asked for and more. I am always thrilled to see what she photographed from our sessions and not only what I asked for but what she saw while taking the photos. She is extremely helpful and delivers beautifully artistic photographs fast.
Christy Tomascik(non-registered)
Amanda is a true artist and extremely professional. Amazing photos of my children! Highly recommend to all!
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